Sunday, January 21, 2007

John 2.0: Mediacom Sucks!

John 2.0: Mediacom Sucks!

When searching the net for "Mediacom Sucks" I came upon this site. My beef with Mediacom is with their internet service (or lack thereof) in my area. I have yet to receive the speeds I have been paying for. This has been going on now for several years. After speaking with network techs with Mediacom I have an understanding of the problem and know they are working to fix it. I would switch to another high speed provider, but they are the only game in town..... and they know this! One would think the customer should get a credit on their bill for the limited service being provided. So much for what the customer thinks!! As I was writing this I recieved a call from Mediacom asking if I would like to upgrade to their "internet-Max" package with download speeds "up-to 10,000kbps". The key phrase here is "up-to". When I asked if there was a "not-less than" there was no answer from the sales rep accept to continue to throw the pitch on how much more I would enjoy the higher internet speed. Bit my tounge and said "thank-you, not at this time" and hung up. I have over 1700 internet speed-test in a database on from Feb 2005 until present day and not one are up to the advertised by Mediacom. I am paying for 5000Kbps down/256Kbps up. Here is the latest...

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