Monday, November 12, 2007

MySpace or ChinaSpace ??

MySpace or ChinaSpace

Sometimes I wonder who is really running MySpace. There has been a lot of press lately regarding the hack of Alicia Keys MySpace band page. Chris Boyd of Vitalsecurity, should be credited for bringing that to the mainstream press. More info on this can be found at PC World.

The issue I have with MySpace is why nothing is being done about the surge of Spam and ID theft taking place with little or no concern from customer support.

There are 209,686,826+ users on ,MySpace. When someone joins they will find Tom and his picture showing as their first friend. Tom is listed as the president of MySpace in his profile and is there to help all users. Now as time goes on users add more friends and comments to their page. I have notice one comment that continues to come up on MySpace pages. This is a copy of the ad found in the comments of Tom's page and can also be found in hundreds of friends pages

Looks good. Has the MySpace logo and a picture of Tom promoting the MySpace Tracker. Wow... just what ya need and it appears to be legit. After all, Tom, the president of MySpace would not be promoting an bogus tool. Well this is where the fun begins. When a user clicks on the ad they are sent to a site sign up and get the " StalkerTrack" code to put on their MySpace Page and it is FREE. What could be better?

What the user does not know is that he or she has just made their page available to a company in China to rack and record their user id to flood MySpace with bogus Spam scams such as "Free Macy's Gift Cards", various Drugs, Cell Phone ring tones, etc. I have tracked all of these so called "deals" back to the same area in China . I believe this has a lot to do with the band sites being hacked. Each time a user leaves a comment on a page that has the "StalkerTrack" software installed they then find themselves a promoter for Spam from China .

The very idea that MySpace would allow such an obvious Scam to continue with the MySpace name and picture of Tom is beyond me. There have been no notices posted warning the membership of this problem and it is running wild on their service. Makes one wonder who really has control of MySpace.

Chris Boyd and a handful of others are the only ones I know of trying to get MySpace to fix the problem. The advice I can give is DO NOT install this software and if found in your comments DELETE the comment. Should the ad show up again from the same friend, and then remove that friend until the problem is fixed. If the person is someone you know it would be nice to send them a message explaining the problem.

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